Anna-Maria came and went...

I had the pleasure to spend this week with a very good friend of me, Anna-maria. Lots of eating and watching wierd movies and talking about gaming ensued and it really reminded me how much I missed her.

Alas, we didn't get to play a game. Once again, the other activities (Sleeping, Eating, Reading Comics and watching movies) got in the way and prooved so much more interesting the getting our asses (Well, mostly mine.) in gear and start a game. BUT: She will come back next week, on monday! (For a job, but she'll have more then enough time besides.) And then, there will be gaming. I've told her about Wushu and she was so excited that she positively jumped up and down on the spot. One would have to be a very cold-hearted (or lazy) bastard to see that and not run a game. So I'm already thinking about Wushu Shadowrun and trying to come up with something.

(It will probably involve the Ork Underground. Anybody interested and able to read german can see my notes on my new Wiki.)

In Other News, I now have my own Chat feature! Thanks to Meebo, anybody stumbling on this blog can now send me a Message when I'm online or leave one when I'm not. All Hail the Mighty Jabber!!!