I'm really, really bored...

Well, here I am, posting in a blog. Well, not even any old blog, nope, it's actually my own. Clearly it's the end of the world. Again.

I'm not a blog-person, never been. A couple of friends tried to convert me to MySpace a few months ago, but I was turned off by the people there. And the fact that I never really had anything to write about. And that it was really SLOOOOOOOOOOW on my shitty computer. All in all, MySpace really sucked for me, I guess. (But it's not like I wanted to like it, so...)

So, why did I start this blog now? Aside from me being bored silly and generally feeling a bit strange today, I read a blog I really liked. In it, a really cool artist presents "teh intarweb" with a heavily censored but nonetheless interesting view of herself and her life. After reading it for the first time, today, I took two things away with me: First, touring seems to suck so much I'm actually feeling kinda guilty about having fun at their concert and, second, being able to post shit that bothers whenever you feel like it seems like an interesting thing to do. (And who doesn't like the illusion that he's writing something that's worth reading?)

So, here I am, writing in my blog. In English. Which is also kinda strange, given that I'm not a native speaker, but I think I'll leave that mystery for some other post. Maybe.