It's Reigning here...

Wed 04 July 2007
By Aaron

A few days ago, my copy of Reign arrived, which prompts me to (1) say how absolutely awesome it is so far and (2) add a new category to the blog: "Distractions".

When I got the book, I felt my gaming ADD really strong. Already, I'm constantly itching to read more of it and catch myself thinking up scenarios and characters. And while I think that Reign isn't as bad as another game could be, because one of my goals in the Summer of Gaming is to try out the One Roll Engine and so it's at least not distracting me too far, system-wise, I'm still somewhat afraid to loose myself in a new game again.

Now, I think I have my ADD mostly under control, especially now that defeating it has turned into a concrete project with defined goals and a clear focus, but there's always this tiny voice of doubt...

But, well, whatever. Reign is cool, but there are other things that come first.

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