Stupid idea #10253-2

So I've had the crazy idea of starting a gaming club. Yay me...

But then it's not like I have something else to do with my time when I'm not hauling around old peoples. (Besides wanking and surfing the net.) And who knows, maybe i'd actually work and I find some socially capable, interesting, olfactory acceptable gamers interested in trying out Indie games.

As a reminder for myself, my plans and ideas so far:

-Look at the gaming clubs already in place. There are already a few gaming clubs and similar organisation around, though none that really focus on anything but the main mainstream. So far, I haven't really been all that active there (Different tastes and all that. ) but checking them out seems like a good idea. Maybe there's no need to reinvent the wheel after all, and who knows, maybe there are some real gems there. -Create some sort of web presence With many people being connected, setting up a website I can redirect people to and that acts as a meeting space, information center and whatever else proves usefull seems like a good idea. I've had good experiences with pbwiki and I can see myself using it to set up the site, maybe with something like a forum if people are actually interested. I'd try to have as much stuff online as possible before I actually start recruiting people, so potential members can instantly see what this is about and so on. -Get the word out The best website is worth shit if nobody knows about it, so I have to make the website known somehow. So far, I've been thinking of the basic no-budget advertising tricks: Posts in forums, flyers (or something like that) in gaming shops and good old-fashioned word-to-mouth. Should I suddenly decide that I have too much money, I could imagine that small poster/sticker-thingies might be a nifty way to advertise, but probably not as (cost-)effective as the basics. -Find some comrades Starting a club as a single person is kinda ... awkward, IMO. Not only is it probably a metric shitload of work (Even more so with me being a Zivildiener.) it also looks kinda strange and I'd imagine people are more likely to check something out if they get the impression that there are already a few interesting members. So I'll probably tour my circle of friends with the newest in a long line of wacky ideas, trying to find people interested in setting it up.

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