Time for more freaky Links

So 05 November 2006
By Aaron

Ok, if only to make sure that this Blog doesn't die, I'll post a few links that the virtual readership of this blog (Nobody reads it, so it's "virtual", get it? I'm funny.) might be interested in.

First of all: Go read stuff from Cory Doctorow, for his books rock mightily and are available under a Creative Commons license. (Means: Free and gratis.) I can especially recommend Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and Eastern Standard Tribes. (But his other books are cool too.) You shouold also go and take a look at BoingBoing, a great and extremly interesting Blog by him and a few fellow wierdos. (Home of such interesting news articles as the Steam-powered Gameboy or Fish monitor public water supply.)

Similar to BoingBoing is Gizmodo, the blog for all out nerdy tech-gadget needs, now with even faster Condom Application. (And I really have to buy a Sony Mylo someday now...)

Currently browsing the Wiki of the P2P foundation, some interesting stuff there so far. (And links to even more interesting stuff.)

Apropos Wiki: I loooooove Wikis, I really do. In fact, I have a massive geek hard-on for the whole Wiki/Social Software/Smart Mob/DIY/Distributed Work/Open Source memeplex and all the stuff that comes with it. The idea of a networked, geographically distributed society connected through the internet is something I'm really itching to see in the future, although it will probably take a while. Doesn't really stop me from enjoying its predecessors, though. So here are some of my favorite links regarding Wikis, social software and general internet-geek thingies: Wikipedia - In a way, it horrible how much I rely on this Wiki-driven online encyclopedia, but damn, it feels good to be able to look up stuff nearly instantly. pbwiki - I love Wikis and the collaborative creation they stand for and free Wiki-farms like pbwiki really help me setting up a Wiki in no time. Jabber - I like Instant Messaging, but I have a (pretty irrational) dislike of ICQ, Yahoo and consorts. On the other hand, I really like Japper.