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Sat 30 June 2007
By Aaron

I never liked Blogs. Sounds stupid but when I tried it, it felt too much like ... I don't know, it felt a bit too masturbatory for my taste. So I quickly stopped, because, well, it's not like I have something to blog about anyway.

But recently, and especially after reading the many awesome indie-themed gaming blogs out there, I've been thinking about doing my own. Not about my life (Wanking is nice, but I prefer doing it in privacy.), but about a concrete project: This summer. The Summer of GAMING!!!

I've been in a gaming slump for way too long. Gamer ADD, unmotivated players, me being a lazy fuck, all that conspired against running a successfull game. But I plan to change that. This summer, I will work hard on gaming as much (and as well) as possible. This summer, I'll finally spend some time working on my various Wushu Crafts. And all these things are, IMO, worth blogging about.

I originally planned/hoped to use some nifty unusual Indie blog software, or maybe a Wiki or something, but in the end, I just gave up and used Wordpress. Maybe something better will come up and I'll change it. We'll see...


After all, millions of people on the internet can't be wrong, right?



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